A Family Apart
Acrostic Poetry
By Mrs. Vaianella's Fourth Grade Students

Petey is the youngest
Everyone has to watch out for him
The Cummings took Petey to their home
Everyone in Petey's family loves him
Young little Petey was given up by his mother and sent on the orphan train

Kelly is Petey's last name
Everything is better now that Petey has a new life
Luckily a family took Petey and they
Loved him too
Yet he still misses his mom

by Allison, Vito, Briana and Cassandra


Frances Mary Kelly is the oldest sibling
Responsible is Frances' number 1 personality
Always watching after Petey, one of her siblings
Never gets in trouble
Concentrates on everything she does
Encouraging to her brothers and sisters
Secure to her little brother Petey

Michael her brother almost got arrested for stealing money
After Michael stole the money their mom sent her children to the Children's Aid Society
Riding the orphan train was scary and weird
Younger children were cared for by older children

Knows that ma wants her and Petey to have foster parents
Everyone thinks she's a boy
Loving to her foster parents
Listens to her foster parents
Young Petey says Petey is a girl to prove it

by Anthony, Jackie, Andy P. and Marisa


Petey was the youngest in the story
Every day Petey was with Francis Kelly
Taking care of Petey was Francis' job
Even though Michael Kelly stole money, he only tried to help his family
Yet the family still cared for him

Katherine was the person who took care of the children on the orphan train
Every Kelly rode the orphan train
Life on the orphan train was hard
Like the Kellys, other children were on the orphan train
Young Petey stayed with Francis even though their new parents found out Francis was a girl.

by Crystal, Christine, Stephen, Dan and Andrew


Frances Mary was very daring
Running errands was what Frances loved to do
Always, Frances did her chores
Never did Frances complain
Chores were very big where Frances lived
Everyday Frances took care of her siblings
Slaves were helpless in these days

Money was very limited
Acts like a boy to stay with Petey
Respectful, Frances always was
Yelling was something she never did

Katherine helped on the orphan train
Each day Frances was very helpful
Loveable Frances loved her family
Lying was what Frances did to stay with Petey
Yesterday Frances never looked back on

by Emily, Elyssa, Elizabeth, Zack and Kate