Video Conference Reactions
by Mrs. Tilmont's Fourth Grade Class

I learned why Charles Loring Brace started the Children's Aid Society. Bill Oser and Shirley Andrew's the daughter of Irma Craig taught us a lot more. I thought it was cool to see the kids in Missouri without taking a boat, an airplane, or driving. I enjoyed the whole thing because I thought it was nice talking to Shirley and Bill.
By Tyler

I learned that they play baseball at the orphanage. I learned that Charles Loring Brace invented the Children's Aid Society. I thought it was great talking to people in Missouri by computer.
By Matthew

I learned that a very loving family picked Shirley Andrew's mom. She loved her family very much. Mr. Oser was never picked by a family he was a singer on the orphan train. Mr. Oser had a picture of a lot of orphans near and on the orphan train. I was very amazed when Mr. Oser's sister ran away. I learned a lot of interesting facts about the orphan train. 
By Melanie

I learned that in the 1800s the orphan train was built. I enjoyed it because I saw another class from another state.
By Vincent

I learned a lot about the orphan train. I enjoyed it because people who actually rode the train were there. They talked about to us about everything on the orphan train. It was fun because we saw Shirley Andrews and asked her questions. We learned about the amount of people who rode on the orphan train. They told us about how if they did not get picked they would go to an orphanage. I also thought it was really cool talking to a school in Missouri!
By Chandler

I learned a lot about the orphan train from Mr. Oser and Mrs. Andrews. Mrs. Andrew's mother rode the orphan train when she was three years old. 
By Breanna

I learned about Mrs. Andrews and her mom. The story she told us about her mom was very interesting. Her mom was an orphan. Mr. Oser came to our school. He went on the orphan train when he was three years old. He went on the train with his older sister too. We even saw kids in Missouri. I think it was cool because it was fun to see kids far away from here. It only takes 26 hours to get there from Long Island. There were people in Missouri and they went on the orphan train too. They told us about the orphan train. I enjoyed the video conference because it was cool.
By Christina

I learned a lot at the video conference. I learned that Mr. Oser lived in an orphanage and had a sister that ran away from the orphanage. 
By Deanna

Mrs. Andrews lives in Missouri. I learned how she felt. She felt sad about Irma Craig, her mother. Mrs. Vianella's class and our class were talking about orphans with another class in Missouri. I liked talking to another class that I don't know. Mr. Oser lives in Nassau County. Mr. Oser was an orphan that lived in an orphanage. He was three years old when he went on the orphan train. William Oser's fifteen-year-old sister escaped from the orphanage. Mr. Oser missed his sister since she left the orphanage. The part that I enjoyed was when I heard about each of their childhood experiences on the orphan train, with a new family or in the orphanage. 
By Justin

I learned that about orphans and the orphan train. In the movie with Mrs. Andrews it told about her mom on the orphan train. She had a lot of friends and she had two families. Some people in class were able to ask her questions about her mom's life. For Mr. Oser, I learned about his life and his life with a new family. He showed us facts about him on the board. We also watched a movie about him. We talked to people in Missouri. People from the high school took pictures and videotaped us.
By Keith

I enjoyed seeing what people from Missouri looked like. I also liked hearing the different stories. I learned that different people had different experiences. Shirley Andrews said that her mother got picked at one of the first stops and had a good family. Bill Oser never got picked and spent his whole life at the orphanage until he turned 18 and had to move out.
By Katie