Video Conference Reactions
by Mrs. Vaianella's Fourth Grade Class

I learned a lot because of the videoconference.  I learned the Orphan Train took a lot of children to the Midwest.  The Orphan Train took many children to find families to take them.  Some of the children didn’t find families and kept going to different places. I thought the videoconference was really fun.  It was amazing to meet Orphan Train riders.
By Andrew I.

One of the things I liked about the videoconference is I liked the fact that when we moved our left arm our right arm moved on the screen.  It was like a mirror image.  Another thing I liked was that we could see people that were a hundred miles away.  It was so cool knowing that out of all the kids in the world we were the ones doing it.  Also I liked that we were using such advanced technology in our school to be able to see and hear the people from Missouri.  It was one of the coolest things I ever done in my life.
By Zack A.

I thought Mr. Oser was nice because he signed my card with his name.  He also showed us a picture of the Orphan Train with all the kids standing on it.  The story of Mr. Oser’s life was a little more exciting than Mrs. Andrew’s story.

 Mr. Oser had a magazine called “Crossroads” and it explained how Charles Loring Brace started it and how it helped about 100,000 children find new homes.

Only about 300 men and women from the Orphan Train are alive today.  The Orphan Train was ended in 1967.  Brace also accepted any type of child.
By Andrew P.

At the videoconference it was very cool to see kids al the way from Missouri.  It was also exciting to see real orphan train riders or their children and to get Bill Oser’s (an orphan train rider) autograph.

It was lots of fun to learn about the orphan train and what it was like.  It was interesting when Mr. Oser and Mrs. Andrews talked about what they ate and what their chores would be if they were adopted.

In conclusion I learned lots about the Orphan Train. For example, when they didn’t get fed much and they got to pick if they wanted to live with the family.
By Marissa V.

The thing I liked about the videoconference was seeing the people in Missouri, Renee the fourth grade students.  It was so much fun because the kids talked about the Orphan Train and asked a lot of questions.  Mr. Oser talked about whatever he remembered about the Orphan Train.  That was so much fun!  Mr. Oser showed all of us the video he made about the Orphan Train.  Then he talked about it.  That was my second favorite part.
Christine C.