Answers for Document Based Question 3

Question 1: They were called street rats because they live on the street and they have no parents.

Question 2:  How did they get their clothes?  What is their transportation?
by Daniel V.

Question 1: I think these children are called "Street Rats" or "Street Arabs" because they lived on the streets and had no homes, were very dirty and they would walk around the streets searching to find food in garbage or other places like rats.  They would sleep on newspaper to keep warm in the winter nights.  They would also try to find clothes to wear even if they were dirty.

Question 2:  Did these children ever grow up and have parents?  Are these two kids related?
by Marisa V.

Question 1: I think those two kids were called street rats because they live on the street.  They wear old ripped clothes.  The two kids might steal food from stores to eat.  They look like they don't have any parents.

Question 2: Where was this photo taken?  Did they have a family?
by Andrew I.

Question 1: I think they might have called them that because they live on the streets.  The rat part was probably from the rich people.  I think that because the rich despised dirty little children.  They didn't like children.  That's what I think about that.

Question 2: Why did they call them that?  Where is this place that they are?
by Jacquelyn R.

Question 1: I think that they were called that because they were orphans and they probably thought they didn't have feelings.

Question 2: When did they become orphans?  Were they put on the Orphan Train when they were young?
by Elyssa D.

Question 1: I think they were called street rats because they didn't have parents.  The clothes they were wearing are old and they don't fit them at all.  They have no shoes but they do look a little young.

Question 2:  How old are they?  What part of New York are they in?
by Andy P.

Question 1:  I think they were called "Street Rats" and "Street Arabs" because "Street Rats" could be kids or adults living in the cold streets all day and night.  They could starve to death unless they have a few sandwiches.

Question 2:  My first question is why don't they have any parents and my second question is why would people just leave two good or bad kids standing on the street that's cold.
By Christine C.