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Mrs. Christiansen's Second Grade Class
West Ridge Elementary School
Harlan, Iowa


Our class has enjoyed completing the Owl Prowl online activities, reading many owl stories, and using various web sites to learn about this unique bird. We wrote short plays, letters, research reports, and four kinds of poetry.

As we learned how owls are able to see at nighttime, we were amazed to discover that our own pupils changed their size allowing more light to enter our eyes when the classroom lights were turned off!

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After completing the Internet online activity, our class was excited to see a real "mystery rock" discovered by Shelby County naturalist, Darby Sanders. Everyone immediately knew he was holding an owl pellet in the plastic container. The surprise was to discover it contained part of a rabbit’s skeleton instead of the anticipated mouse’s skeleton.

The two main owls located in our area are screech owls and great horned owls. The model shown is a screech owl. We were surprised to discover that the great horned owl is a predator of the smaller screech owl!

The Most Important Poem

An owl …

can have a body about the size of a robin’s body,
has flat facial discs on its head,
has one of its back toes that can pivot forward,
and usually does NOT build a nest.
But the most important thing about an owl is …
its head can turn 270 degrees!

Written by Jeannine

An owl …

helps us a lot,
tears its prey apart with its beak,
can swivel its head 270 degrees,
and flies in feet first.
But the most important thing about an owl is …
it usually attacks at night.

Written by Kyle

An owl …

has huge eyes,
has one toe that can pivot forward,
can be one of 134 different species,
and can live on every continent except Antarctica.
But the most important thing about an owl is …
its ears are under its eyes!

Written by Brent

An owl …

is a nocturnal animal,
may be endangered,
catches its prey feet first,
and is helpful because it keeps down the rodent population.
But the most important thing about an owl is …
it will attack people only if you bother it.

Written by Matthew

Acrostic Owl Poem


O wls are cool but important
W ise, wild, and smart
L istening very, very well

S oaring, swooping, and catching snakes
Written by Tyrie

O wlets so fluffy and soft
W anting some supper
L ooking, looking for a mouse
S ending messages to one another
Written by Amanda
O oooooh … calls the owl
W here is it
L ooking for his dinner
S ilently flying by
Written by Hannah
O wls are cool to watch
W hat do owls do in the morning
L ook at owls … you’ll think their cool
S mall owls can be prey of bigger owls
Written by Katie


The Screech Owl Family

Written by Greg, Kenny, and Zach


Mother: Wake up! Wake up! The eggs are hatching!

Owlet #1:  Where am I? Where am I?

Mother: We’re in North America.

Owlet #2:  Who are you? Who are you?

Father: We are your parents.

Owlet #2:  Cool! One of my back toes can pivot forward.

Mother: It’s time to eat, Owlets.

Father: I’m going hunting.

Owlet #1:  Good! I am hungry.


The Great Horned Owl Family

Written by Amanda, Cassy, and Heather


Mother:  Wake up, Owlets! It’s time for breakfast.

Owlet #1:  What do we eat for breakfast?

Mother: We eat mice.

Owlet #2: How do we get the mice?

Father: I will swoop down and get the mice.

Owlet #2:  How do we eat the mice?

Mother: Father will get the mice.

Father: Mother will break it up and give it to you.

Owlet #1:  Okay! Let’s eat. M-m-m-m-m-m-m!


The Screech Owl Family

Written by Jeffrey and Richard


Mother: Dinnertime.

Owlet #1: What’s for dinner?

Mother: Rabbit.

Owlet #2: Why do we eat rabbits?

Father: We don’t eat only rabbits.

Owlet #2: What else do we eat?

Mother: Mice, snakes, blackbirds, rats, and lizards. Okay?

Father: Yes. We eat all of those things and sometimes insects.

Owlet #1: Wow! We sure eat a lot of things!


Who? What? When? Where? Why?


Screech Owlet
Going home

Right now
In the woods
Because the Great Horned Owl

Is after it

Written by Bethany

Great Horned Owl
Eating it's prey
At dawn
In the woods
So it can eat alone

Written by Roger

Great Horned Owlet
Snapping its beak together
At 7:00 a.m
When it fell out of the nest
Because it was scared

Written by Sarah

Great Horned Owl
Eating a mouse
At 10:30 at night
In the field
Because it was hungry

Written by Ryne


Owl Cinquain Poems


plump, sly
eating, ripping, regurgitating
134 different species

Written by Courtney

hurt, smart
killing, flying, eating
one of its back toes pivots

Written by Brittni

Nocturnal Animal
wild, sly
flying, looking, eating
hunt from dusk to dawn

Written by Felicia

camouflaged, nocturnal
attacking, digesting, regurgitating
lives everywhere except Antarctica

Written by June