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Owl Jokes , Riddles, and Poems
by Mrs. Bortolot's Third Grade

What happens when you cross an owl with a mouse? A dead mouse!

Why did the owl say "E -mail rocks? "Because he doesn't have to fly to deliver his letters!

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Impatient owl
Inpatient owl?
What did the owl say to the other owl?
Whooo are yoou?
By Donald T. and Benjamin K.
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Owls go moo.
Owls don't go moo, they go whoo!
by Christina Y.
Why does the owl go whoo when you look at them?
Because they are wondering whooo you are.

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Owl who?
Owl be seeing you.

What do you get when you cross a joke book & an owl?
Good jokes.

What happens if the owl is hungry?
Owl go now.

By Emily D. and Jordan V.

Q. What goes OOOOHW?
A. An owl with his head turned around
Q. What does an owl need for his bath?
A. A t-owl

"Owl Poem"
By Emily D. and Jordan V.

Owls have very good eyesight
They can see in the night
Owls like to eat mice
To them that snack is very nice


"How the Owl Got Wise"
by Mrs. Bortolot's Class

An owl was sitting on an old, rusted perch in a shining brass cage in the  King's palace, wishing he were free. The King loved his owl, Beaut  (b-e-u-t) so much that he made the people in Owl Land worship Beaut! The  people were not pleased. But the King didn't listen. He kept on going about  his business.

One day he decided to give the owl a gift for being so beautiful. The King  made Beaut the wisest bird on earth. Now Beaut could see at night, talk,  and fly so softly that you could not hear one feather rustle.

Beaut quickly said," I did not make myself so pretty, for the Lord in the   highest skies made me. Same goes for everybody on the earth. No one should   worship a bird. That goes for you too."

The King was amazed at this. Then he replied, "Nonsense. You are just an   ignorant owl." Beaut had tricked the King. The King flew into a big   fluster. "I never should have had a ridiculous owl in a cage as my pet!"
shouted the King.

"Then let me out of this rotten cage that has never been cleaned, never  been polished." The King stared at the owl. He was speechless. A servant  had come in, and was watching the whole time. "You said that I was a stupid  owl. That means that I'm worthless. You might as well let me go." The King was shocked, but he couldn't admit he had spoken carelessly, so he  let Beaut free. After, Beaut had a wife, then babies. The King then just  knew that he had made the owl too wise. Back at the old tree Beaut's babies  were as wise as their dad, and so were their babies, and so on.

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Owl Riddles and Jokes
by John W.  and Michael B.

Why do owls hunt at night?
Because they have very strong high-beams!

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Owl's about a riddle?

An owl son and a owl father were flying and they got hit by a car. The son and the father went to the owls padil. They went into different rooms. The doctor said "I can't work on this boy owl, he's my son."Who was the owl doctor?
The owl's mom.

Why didn't the owl skeleton go to the movies?
Because he didn't have the gut's to.

What does an owl do his math with?
An owlqulater.

Just the Bare Barred Owl Facts
By Merideth L., Christa D. and Mary S.

Baby owls start running around in the nest 10 days after they're born.The nest is made of twigs, feathers, and wood chips. Sometimes it's home isin a hollowed out tree. It takes a lot of hard work to make a baby grow.The mother owl spends almost 95% of the day on the little egg but still shegoes out in the night a couple of times. Also the crow bothers the owla lot. Its worst enemy is the Great Horned Owl, because it could kill it.


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