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Water Poems
Mrs. Ferrara’s First Grade
Countrywood Primary Center, South Huntington School District
Long Island, New York

Robert Moses

Robert Moses has crystal clear water

Zig zaging water

In the dark, the ocean glows

Feel the water trickling on your feet

Hear the waves singing

Feel the love at the beach

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Moonlight is beautiful at Montauk

On a wavy day it is dangerous to go surfing

Never-ending waves

A roar of waves goes through the water

Under the sea is the seaweed

Knowing that I won’t drown while I’m swimming

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Jones Beach

Joyful sunsets

Only Wonderful beach

Navy blue waves

Everlasting sand castles

Shivering cold water

Bellowing waves crashing

Endless wet sand on my hands

Any big wave can come soon

Cerulean skies

Huge waves

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Montauk Lake

Sun glistens down on me

Golden sand burning my feet

Hot pink, light purple, red orange, in the night’s sunset

The waves are whispering me a secret song

Sparkling water making a soft song

Zig zags in the calm waves

Dazzling stars shining down on me

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Jones Beach

Joyful waves in the sea

Only one beautiful sunset on the harbor

Navy blue colors in the ocean

Extraordinary sounds of the waves

Sparkling sand on the shore

Burning hot sand

Everlasting sunset in the sky

Amazing colors reflect on the water

Crystal clear water is the sea

Hot pink and purple sunsets

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-Emily O.

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