Document Based Questions from Mrs. Madden's 2nd Grade Class

courtesy Mexico Connect

What are the children in this photo doing?  How do you think they feel?

Where do you think they live?  Why do you think they live there?  

Compare their clothing with the clothing you wear.



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Mrs. Madden's Second Grade Class
Brushy Creek School
Taylors, South Carolina

South Carolina Social Studies Standards
I. Time, Continuity, and Change: History

2.1 The learner will demonstrate an understanding of the way individuals, families, and communities live and work together now and in the past. The student should be able to

2.1.1 identify characteristics that contribute to one�s personal identity;

2.1.2 compare and contrast family life in various places now, in the recent past, and long ago;

2.1.3 discuss the historic traditions of diverse groups and peoples; and

2.1.4 explain the ways these traditions are passed down from generation to generation.

2.2 The learner will demonstrate an understanding of the history of peoples of many cultures around the world. The student should be able to

2.2.1 describe folklore and other cultural contributions from various regions of the United States and the world and how they help form a nation�s heritage