Letter Writing and Persuasive Writing


Dear Friends,

We wanted to tell you how our life has been.  Well, let us tell you it's horrible.  We never stop doing chores and never stop cooking.  Our life is boring and dumb.  You never write so please do.


Violet, Klaus and Sunny

P.S.  Count Olaf is a horrible person so you don't want to meet him.

Dear Justice Strauss,

We want to tell you how Count Olaf treats us.  When we make dinner it doesn't satisfy him so we had to make another dish of something else so he would be full.  After dinner we have to do the dishes, clean the table and do the laundry.  We are sick of picking up after Count Olaf.  He is terrible.  That is why we came to you, you can take care of it and make sure we are ok.


The Baudelaire Children

P.S.  There is also somebody following us and we think the Count Olaf sent him.