Journal Writing

Assignment: If Sunny could talk, what would she say?  Write a journal entry from Sunnyís perspective on the Baudelaire childrenís situation.

July 5, 2014

Dear Diary,
My sister Violet has just given you to me. She said to think of you as a friend in which I can put all of my feelings. I will start by telling you about san absolutely horrible person named...dare I say his name- Count Olaf. I would run you out of pages if I describe this evil fiend. I will tell you tomorrow, for my brother Klaus is calling me.
Until tomorrow,
Sunny Baudelaire

July 6, 2014

Dear Diary,
As I promised, I will tell you all about Count Olaf and why my siblings and I ended up with this horrible man.
We first came with Count Olaf after our dear parents died in a terrible fire that burned our mansion to the ground. As soon as we saw him we knew he was bad news. He wanted us - by us I mean my siblings to fix up his home with our fortune!!! And when Mr. Poe explained to him that the money is not to be used until Violet is of age the Count looked as if he might strike Mr. Poe. Luckily Count Olaf controlled his temper; just that once.
Well, I must go now. Violet, Klaus, and I are going to visit Mr. Poe at the bank.
Yours truly,
Sunny Baudelaire

July 7, 2014

Dear Diary,
As I explained to you yesterday, Count Olaf is the most rude, unpleasant, and unlikable person i have ever met. I hate him!! I hate him!! I hate him!! He looks like a human on the outside, but I am sure he is a beast on the inside.
Listed below are not even half of the horrible things he has done to my siblings ans I:
Count Olafís Horrible Acts
1. Tried to marry Violet when she was only 14
2. Struck my brother, Klaus, across the face
3. Had me dangling from a bird cage on a 30 ft tower when I was an infant
4. Tried to steal our fortune
5. Tried to trick Justice Strauss into legally marrying himself to Violet
6. Badly mistreated us
7. Didnít give us a proper place to live
Well, I think you get the point that Count Olaf is not someone you would like to meet. Oh, and one more thing. Every time I look back at this I shutter..he has a tattoo of an eye on his ankle!!
Until later,
Sunny Baudelaire