Persuasive Writing

Assignment:  Devise a plan to rescue Sunny from the tower and write a persuasive argument convincing Violet to use your plan instead.  This can be written in letter form.

Dear Violet,

I think you should have gone to Mr. Poe and got the money.  Then went to a place that sells suction cups.  After you buy eight, clip four of them to your clothes.  Climb the tower with pepper spray.  When you get there spray pepper spray into the guards' eyes.  Take Sunny out and clip the other four suction cups to her.  Attach them to yourself and climb down.  Then climb up the wall of your window and climb in, hide Sunny in your room.  Make sure the guards are not watching.  The next day you, Sunny and Klaus will escape.

You should use this plan because it is pretty fool proof.  Yours wasn't very fool proof.  You might be able to escape to Mr. Poe.  Tell him what he did and he will definitely take you back.