Beware The Eye Is Watching





††††††††††† Come one come all!I bet you are wondering whose website this is so let us enlighten you.You are looking at the website of Bryan B and Kevin J.We have been best friends since the first grade and are now roommates in college.Who knows maybe you and your friend will be roommates in college one day like us!Both of us are also going for our college degree in elementary education.Below are some of our projects from the book A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.In our opinion this is one of the better stories we have ever read!You might think different but thatís ok, just as long as you do not let Count Olaf find out.Well enough about us, take a look at our sight and beware of the eye!!!!!!!!!!!†††††††




O ld and sneaky

L ikes to be cruel to the children

A lways interrupting and spoiling the Baudelaireís plans

F lees from the play after being caught

††† (written by Kevin J)

V igilant in her fight to stop Olaf

I ntent on protecting her brother and sister

O bediently serves Count Olaf until she can escape

L oves to invent new things

E ager to be free from Olaf and his despicable henchmen

T actful in fooling count Olaf at the wedding

††† (written by Bryan B)


There is a man on the loose who has tried to steal the Baudelaire fortune.He is considered to be extremely dangerous.He has no weapons that we know of but he is incredibly resourceful.He Goes by the name of count olaf.The count is accompanied by a hook-handed man and possibly a theater troupe.He stands reasonably tall and has a slender build.He is rather unkempt with one eyebrow that rolls across His forehead.A tattoo of an eye also appears on the ankle of the count.Please if you see this man, contact your local authorities.Once again proceed with extreme caution.