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    Welcome to our website! We are both students at the University of Delaware enrolled in the elementary teacher education program. For one of our classes we are reading Lemony Snicket's The Bad Beginning. We hope you enjoy our website!


Obituary for Mr. & Mrs. Baudelaire

    Yesterday, March 4th, a tragic accident occurred in the town of Springfield.  Mr. Nicholas Baudelaire and his wife Joyce Baudelaire perished in a fire that also destroyed their home. The catastrophic fire left little in its wake. Mr. Baudelaire was a businessman and member of the school board. Mrs. Baudelaire looked after the house and children, and was an active member of the local PTA. They are survived by their three children Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. The Baudelaire's will be greatly missed. The funeral will be this Sunday, March 5th, at Skellington's Funeral Home. Family and friends only.

Acrostic Poems:




Ordered to marry Count Olaf

Loves to create inventions

Eldest of the Baudelaire siblings

Takes care of Klaus & Sunny



Overly arrogant

Lies about his intentions

Acting is his only love

Full of explosive anger


Five Senses Poem


I see Count Olaf's dark and dirty home all around me

I feel the dust on the hard wood floor where I sleep

I smell mold, sardines, and boiled cabbage

I taste the old and musty stale air

I hear creaky noises and an evil laugh

I hate it here!


Advertisement for new parents

3 Despicable children seek a set of appalling parents.

Will do chores and endless work for crumbs.

Parents must provide home and work.

If interested contact J. Poe at 555-5454


Journal Writing

Dear Diary,

Today I received the most interesting news. It seems that I am related to a Mr. Nicholas Baudelaire, who apparently is (or rather WAS) quite wealthy. The executive of his will contacted me this morning with the news of Nicholas and his wife's unfortunate demise. As the closest remaining relative I am next in line for their fortune. After their three horrific children, that is. Interestingly enough, I am to be their guardian. Tomorrow Mr. Poe will be delivering them to me. I despise children! Mr. Poe has informed me that the money is not to be touched until the eldest is of age. I must figure out a way to get the money and rid myself of the brats. I am on my way to rehearsal, perhaps one of the imbeciles in my acting troupe may provide some insight on how to relieve the loathsome little horrors.

    Count Olaf


Letter Writing

Dear Justice Strauss,

I am writing to cordially invite you to play an important role in my upcoming play, The Marvelous Marriage. You would be playing a wise judge (much like yourself!) who marries the happy couple (who shall be played by my new daughter Violet, and myself). As this is my first real chance to act like a father to my new children, I would be so pleased if you could join us. I look forward to receiving your reply.

best regards,

Count Olaf