Lemony Snicket


By: Emily T. and Shawna S.

We are sorry you have stumbled upon this terrible website.

On this dreadful page you will find ghastly activities done by Emily and Shawna, two wretchedly wicked University of Delaware students. 


Acrostic Poems

Vilely treated                                           

Independently minded

Only fourteen years old

Little orphaned child

Escaped a brutal marriage, in time

To go into the unknown


By: Shawna S.

Cruel and unusual

Orders Violet to marry him

Ugly inside and out

Neglects his parental duties

Tattoo of an eye

Orders the Baudelaire children around

Locks Sunny up in a cage

All for a the Baudelaire fortune

Far he'll go to run away

 By: Emily T.


The following is a really bad activity we completed.  Together we created a really ugly postcard and wrote a dreadful note as if we were the Baudelaire children.  The note is written to the Baudelaire's friends telling them how awful their life is.

Dear Friends,

Since our parents have perished in the tragic fire, we have been forced to live with our distant cousin, Count Olaf.  The home we are now forced to live in is dismal and dreary.  We share one bed and our closet is a cardboard box.  Count Olaf makes us do difficult chores everyday like chop wood and plan meals for a whole group of people.  We are currently devising a plan to escape his wrath.  We will keep you updated on the situation.


                                                 Your friends,

                                               Violet, Klaus, and Sunny