A Devious & Disturbing Webpage


    Greetings unfortunate students who have stumbled upon this devious and disturbing webpage.  This was created by Jackie and Danielle from the evil University of Delaware.  We are juniors studying Elementary Education so we can one day come and disturb your classroom.  It would be most unfortunate for you if you do not continue to read this horrid webpage.....Read with CAUTION!!!!!! hahaha


Acrostic Poems

Sweet and innocent

Uninterested in reading books

Not knowing the trouble that lies ahead

Never alone because her siblings are always there

Your hand should watch out or it might get bit


Very good at inventing things


Oldest Baudelaire child

Looks out for younger siblings

Eats puttanesca sauce

Tries to save Sunny


5 Sensory Poems

Poem 1:

I see

    creepy crawly creatures climbing cabinets

I smell

    week-old oatmeal and puttanesca

I feel

    frightfully fearful for my life

I touch

    nothing but the broken down disgrace of a bed

I taste

    rotten, rancid roastbeef


Poem 2:

The tower was dirty and dark with visions of madness

The hearts of the children were filled with sadness

There was tension and fear in the eyes of three,

Where awaited Count Olaf's bride to be.

In the tower where Violet was locked she could taste her tears

And still with her caressing touch, was able to calm her two peers

The room smelled old and was full of dust

Trying to escape was a definite must

Suddenly with a loud stomp, boom, and bang

Arose Count Olaf and all the bells rang.