The Unfortunate Webpage

Hello unfortunate trespassers.  This web site has been created by Jessica, Nicole and Laura.  Currently, we are juniors at the University of Delaware and are studying to become teachers.  We have recently read the book,  The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket.  We created this website, inspired by the book, to help us with our teaching.


Brave                                                 Saved by her sister

Always thinking                                Uses her teeth to bite everything

Under Protection                              Newborn child

Dependent                                         Never speaks in full sentences

Enjoy reading                                    Youngest Baudelaire



Imaginative                                         Very smart

Respectful                                           Interested in inventions

Everything goes wrong                     Oldest sibling

                                                             Loves to skip stones

                                                             Escapes marriage

                                                             Takes care of children



    We want you to participate in an activity! Create a wanted poster for Count Olaf draw a picture so people can identify him, and include a description. Make it detailed! Check out the activity we completed about the book.




Count Olaf   -  $500 Reward

Last seen May 1st, 2004

Location of last sighting Playhouse


Description 61, greasy black hair, thin, about 50 years old, tattoo of an eye on foot, could be surrounded by friends.

Crime attempted murder and thievery

Please contact 911 upon any sighting!!