By:  Kelley G & Lauren N

We are senior Early Childhood Development Education majors at the University of Delaware in Newark, DE.  In our reading and writing class, we are reading Lemony Snicket's, The Bad Beginning.  Neither of us knew what to expect before reading this book.  We like reading happy books, but this unhappy book has turned out to be really exciting!  Over the summer we hope to read more books in this series.

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Our acrostic poems about The Bad Beginning

Olaf is trying to steal their fortune

Remembers the love of their late parents

Prefers to live with Justice Strauss

Horrible events happen to these children

Afraid of Count Olaf's eyes around the house

Nervous around the man who has a hook for a hand

Sunny, Violet, and Klaus are siblings

                By Lauren N 


Small and feisty with only four, sharp teeth

Under a pile of curtains is where she slept each night

Never gave up thinking that her siblings would rescue her

Needs no toys, only something to bite

Youngest of the unfortunate Baudelaire orphans

            By Kelley G


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Looking to fulfill that maternal/paternal instinct?



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* Klaus, age 12, loves to read!  I hope you have a library with a wide selection of books because he loves to read about everything and anything!  Despite being the middle child and only boy, helps his older sister take care of the baby!

*Sunny, 10 months old, loves to explore!  Though she loves to bite things, it's her way of saying HELLO!  Can't speak yet, but make incredible noises to let you know what she wants!  Despite only having four teeth and being incredibly small, she's full of life and crawls everywhere! 


These wonderful children are fond of each other, get along very well, and would love to stay together.  Three's better than one, right?!  These children have experienced numerous hardships and would love to be in a safe, loving, and caring environment! 


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