Keren and Danielle's Literature Circle Page!

The Bad Beginning

by Lemony Snicket

We are junior Elementary Education students from the University of Delaware.  We created this web page with various comprehension activities using the book, The Bad Beginning, by Lemony Snicket.  Hope you enjoy!


Acrostic Poems

Very sad about the loss of her parents
Inventing things always
Obligated to protect her siblings
Learns of Count Olaf's intentions through Klaus
Enjoys Justice Strauss' Library
Tries to rescue Sunny from the tower
      By: Danielle Breuer

Olaf is a cruel man who
Lies to others
Always mean to the Baudelaire children
Fights to steal their fortune
       By: Keren Lilu


Try this crossword puzzle to test your knowledge of
The Bad Beginning!!

1. The knot that Violet used to make her invention
3. The invention that Violet used to try to save Sunny
4. What Justice Strauss had that Count Olaf did not
7. Where Sunny is being held
10. The legal term that Mr. Poe says applies to Count Olaf
11. What Mr. Poe is always doing
12. The fruit that the children were extremely fond of
13. The cheek that Klaus was slapped on
14. The name of the play that Count Olaf wants the children to be in
2. The name of the book that Klaus stays up all night reading
5. The name of the sauce that the children made for Count Olaf and the
   theater troupe
6. The name of the beach where the children received the bad news
8. The Baudelaire child who like to bite things
9. The Baudelaire child that Count Olaf plans on marrying