The Three Rotten Eggs

This webpage was designed by Lauren, Dan, and Mary Beth.  We are Juniors at the University of Delaware, studying to be elementary school teachers.  This webpage is based off of our recent work in class with literature circles for Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning.  

These are our acrostic poems about characters in the book:

VIOLET by Lauren

     Very intelligent

     Inventing around the clock

     Out to protect her siblings

     Loves them dearly

     Eventually gets away from Olaf

     Terrified for her future

OLAF by Mary Beth

     Only cares about himself

     Lanky, creepy man

     Adopted the orphans to steal their fortune

     Foiled by the clever children

KLAUS by Dan

     Klaus is very intelligent

     Loves to read books

     Always thinking about his sisters

     Used to have a happy life

     Suspicious of Count Olaf



We wrote a Haiku poem about Sunny’s thoughts as she is trapped in the cage.


The cage is swaying.

I should have bit Count Olaf.

Someone save me. EEEP!