Welcome to Dorothy and leah’s wretched lemony snicket website! Below we have created some acrostic poems and a writing activity for the book the bad beginning. Continue if you dare!!!!



Aggravating Acrostic Poems


Very clever and intelligent


Ingeniously invents grappling hook to try and save Sunny


Organizes a plan to escape marrying the Count


Loves her brother and sister dearly


Enthusiastic about creating things 


Tricks Count Olaf by signing the marriage license with her left hand

 ~ Leah


Kind hearted and cares about his siblings

Likes solving mysteries

 Able to figure out Count Olaf’s ghastly plan

Uses his brilliance to study the Nuptial Law

Studies the law book all night

  ~ Dorothy



 Writing activity


What’s on the menu for crabby Count Olaf and his trifling theater troupe?



~Recipe for Rank Roast Beef stew~


15 lbs. grotesque ground beef

6 cups moldy, mushy mushrooms

10 crusty carrots

10 cups gooey gravy

8 unpeeled, pungent potatoes

7 stalks of stank celery


Cooking instructions: preheat oven to 400 degrees. Make sure all items are unwashed and dirty. Combine all vile ingredients in a large, crusty cauldron. Pour gooey gravy over the ingredients. Use large, rusty spoon to stir the stinky stew. Place in oven and bake for 1 hour. Make sure you leave the room because the odor is overwhelming…trust us!


*If you are Violet, Klaus or Sunny, be sure to add 6 cups of potent poison before baking. Bake to a golden barf-tastic bubbly!*