The Bad Beginning

Welcome to Maggie and Emily's website. 

 We are students at the University of Delaware studying elementary education.  We have created two acrostic poems and a writing activity based on Lemony Snicket's The Bad Beginning, which you will find below.


Acrostic Poems


Count Olaf   by Emily

O  ut to snatch the Baudelaire fortune

L acking a conscience

A lways scheming

F etish with images of eyes


Klaus  by Maggie

K nows Count Olaf is trying to take the family fortune

L oves his sisters

A rranges to reveal Count Olaf's plan

U ses Judge Strauss's library to find a book on law

S pends all night reading the law book


Writing Activity:


One night, when the children were at Mr. Poe's house, they received a horrific postcard...



Dear Dirty Little Orphans,

  How are you doing?  I hope you are enjoying your stay at Mr. Poe's because it won't last for long.  If you think things are bad now, just wait until I get my hands on your grimy necks.  You thought you were so clever to try to outsmart me with your scheme, but remember, I am always watching. It's rather ironic, don't you think?  After all, I'm supposed to be rotting away in jail right now, but in reality I am having the time of my life on a far away and mysterious island.  Have fun while you can because I will be back for my fortune.  I will have my revenge on you disgusting and repulsive brats.  Send my best to Mr. Poe.

With much loath and detest,

Count Olaf