You have unfortunately stumbled upon Kim, Michelle, and Amy's webpage, where you will be forced to suffer through their most appalling attempts at artistic brilliance.

Kim H. is a senior at the University of Delaware and hopes to someday be a teacher. If she can ever graduate, that is. Michelle K. and Amy S. are both juniors at the University of Delaware and are two crazy cats who like teaching and having fun.

Acrostic Poems

Count Olaf's Journal Entry

On this special day the planning and scheming has finally come to fruition. It is the day of the "Marvelous Marriage". I have spent countless hours trying to devise a plan to abscond with the Baudelaire fortune. It seems only fair that I should have all of their money since the filthy orphans have been cast upon me. I have never had an interest in raising children so imagine my surprise when I heard the wishes of my relatives in their will after their untimely death. I am amazed at their stupidity. Why would they think that I would care even the tiniest bit about their precious children? They repulse me. The oldest one, Violet thinks she is so smart, but she's not smart at all. I am the one who is clever. Then the boy, Klaus thinks that because he reads every book known to man that he is intelligent. His intelligence will never match mine. Then the baby, Sunny, is the worst of them all. She just slobbers, bites, and gnaws on anything she can get her teeth on. Disgusting! I can't wait for the money to be mine and then my next plan will be how to get rid of them all. Possibly a boarding school miles away! It is just hours before the play, and soon it will be over and I will have all the money that I'll ever need. My strategy is a foolproof plan and with the help of my theater troupe and the clueless Judge, Violet will be my wife which will enable me to acquire the Baudelaire fortune. It is now time to break a leg!