Nicole V. & Andrea C.


We met each other our Freshmen year at UD and we have been friends and roommates since. We live about an hour away from each other on Long Island. Isnít that fun?! Some of our favorite things to do are dancing, swimming, listening to music and reading of course. We both canít wait to be teachers and love working with little kids.


Convincing                            Entirely underhanded

Appalling                              Yearns for the                      orphanís inheritance

Stealthy                                Extremely appalling

Horrid                                     Scary


~Andrea  C.    

~Nicole V.

We chose to do a persuasive writing activity. Persuasive writing is a great way to convince someone to do something. In this activity we had to create an advertisement for a newspaper to find someone new to adopt the Baudelaire children.

Parents Needed!




There was never a better opportunity then this. The three amazing Bauldelaire children are in need of new parents. After the tragic death of their biological parents the children need a stable home to nurture them. These children are the most precious and endearing children around. There could be no complaints being their parents. Violet, Klaus and Sunny are model children. They will each provide wonderful character to your current family. While Klaus is busy studying in the library and Violet is off making inventions you can always find the youngest, Sunny, nibbling her way around the house. Although the childrenís range in ages is from infancy to fourteen they are very mature and close knit. They persevered through horrific ordeals and came out with flying colors. They are loyal, obedient, attractive, and helpful children. They can warm a room in an instant. There is no doubt that these children would be an asset to your family. Donít miss this opportunity to be the proudest parentís in your community!


For more information call 555-1212