A Series of Unfortunate Events
By Rachael Shecter and Nicole Forys
We are elementry Education student at the University of Delaware.  We are in our third year.  For our class we read Lemony Snicket and have created this webpage based on the book.  Hope you enjoy. 
Our Acrostic Poems
Count Olaf
By Rachael
C razy man
O utrageously mean
U gly looking
N asty towards the children.
T ough on the children

O ut to steal the children's money.
L ie's to everyone about his plan
A wful human being
F eared by the Baudelaire children.

Mr Poe
By Nicole
M akes children leave his home
R ude when children go talk to him

P rotecting of the Baudelaire fortune
O ffice is very unorganized
E xpects the children to like Count Olaf
Five Senses Poem
While being held captive at the top of the tower the Baudelaire children...
See eyes staring back at them from all around
Hear Sunny crying as she sits locked in the cage.
Taste their salty tears as they cry in fear.
Smell the musty air all around them.
Touch the cold cement floor on their feet.