Lemony Snicket Poems


Rachel Beresford, Leah Thompson, Kristen Porter

We are all third year elementary education students with a focus in special education at the University of Delaware.

Possesses the ability to change children's lives.

0blivious to the horror the children see.

Eventually rescues the kids from the evil count.


Victim of circumstance.

In charge of her siblings.

On the look out for Count Olaf.

Looks for a way out.

Escapes Marriage

Triumphs at the End.


Knows the children are in trouble.

Loses all hope of a happy life.

Acting brave in front of Olaf.

Using book smarts to outwit the evil man.

Searching for a way to make life normal again.


Lemony Snicket Poems

Describe what it is like, as one of the Baudelaire children, the first time you set foot in Count Olaf's house.

Stepping into Olaf's house, I hear the floor creak.

The smell of mold takes over my nose.

The taste of stale air fills my mouth with bitterness.

I see filth everywhere.

I reach out to touch my brother... I need his support.

Lemony Snicket Poems

Opening scene on the beach before the children heard the horrible news about their parents.

The sand on my feet.

Throwing stones in the ocean.

This is happiness.