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Hello, these are our projects.  Stephen W. and Bruce C. are undergraduates

 at the University of Delaware and will become teachers very soon.

  We hope you like our work from the book The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket.


Acrostic Poems

Evil man trying to steal the Baudelaire's money



Yelling at the children makes them feel uneasy
Eyes always watching their every move
Stealing the Baudelaire's money is all part of the horrific plan

by: Stephen W.


She is sweet and innocent

Unaware of her dismal situations
Needs a lot of help from others
Newest member of the Baudelaire family
Yells and likes to bite

by: Bruce C.


Our writing activity:  Write an obituary for Mr. & Mrs. Baudelaire.



                                                                        John (44) and Patricia (38) Baudelaire died

                                                                         July 5, 1999, and are survived by their three

                                                                              children Violet (14), Klaus (12), and Sunny (1).

                                                                While the three children were playing at

                                                                        Briny Beach, Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire were

                                                                             at home, when their mansion went up in flames.

                                                                     They were unable to escape.  The cause of

                                                                       the fire is still under investigation.  The three

                                                                       children will be sent to live with their relative

                                                                Count Olaf.  Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire’s

                                                                          viewing will be held for family and friends only

                                                                         on July 9th at the family’s church.  The funeral

                                                                          will be the following day, July 10th, at 1:00pm.

                                                                       The family requests that a donation be made

                                                                     in honor of them to the local chapter of the

                                     Boys and Girls Club.