A Miserably Morbid Website




by Terrible Tanya C. and Unlucky Lauren M. 



Welcome to our dreary, unfortunate website.  Beware...you are about to engage in a site created by two very depressed future educators.  We cannot wait to have you brats all to ourselves in which our eyes are always watching you and the wretched work will never stop.  Muhahahahaha


If you dare...embark in our pathetic poems and despicable writings.



Appalling Acrostic Poems




 by Terrible Tanya                                                                                                                                            


New ideas are always arising                                     

Very determined                                                                                                                                     

Eldest Baudelaire child                                                                                                                             

Never gives up                                                                                                                                         

Takes responsibility for her younger siblings                                                                                              

Indeed an ambitious 14 yr. old

Vows to fulfill her promises to her parents

Enjoys skipping rocks



                                                                   Mr. Poe

                                                              by Unlucky Lauren

                                                           Married with two bratty boys

                                                           Really liked the Baudelaire family

                                                           Proud of his job at the bank

                                                                                                                                                      Outraged by Olaf's plan

                                                           Encouraged children to stay with Olaf




Write a diary entry from Count Olaf’s perspective when he first finds out the Baudelaire children are coming to live with him.


To My Dreadful Diary,

    I have some fabulous news.  Those bratty Baudelaire children are coming to stay with me.  You know the Baudelaire's are my third cousins and who cares if I have never met them before in my life!  They are rich and so now I will be rich.  Very, very rich!  I can see it now my theatre group will be huge, everyone will know who I am, and I will have more power and control then I will know what to do with.  How you ask?  Well I will have the children begin by doing every chore around the house for me.  They can clean, chop wood, and even cook all of my friends dinner.  I will make them think that I am a very loving, and caring father.  Ugh! Just the thought makes me sick!  And of course my dear neighbor, Judge Justice Strauss will help me out a great deal.  She is such a pathetic sap, she would love to think that she can become a great actress!  I will ask her to play a judge in the play, The Marvelous Marriage, and there she will grant Violet Baudelaire and I an official marriage certificate!  It's brilliant!  Then I will be in complete control of the fortune, and all of my wicked dreams will come true!