Journal Writing

Assignment:  Write an entry (or entries) for Count Olaf's diary, describing the plan for the wedding and/or describing what he did after the plan failed and he disappeared.

The Evil Diary of Count Olaf
 written by Count Olaf

 Today I met Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. They look like kids who might give me trouble stealing their money. I have to think up a plan to make them obey me. Iíll make them do chores that I wonít care about.   

Today I had my dinner with my theater group. Stupid Violet and Klaus made puttanesca sauce instead of

beef. Klaus learned not to mess around with me. He talked back to me and I smacked him across the face. Our play went really well. We sold 300 tickets in three nights.


 Today I figured out a way to get my hands on the great deal of money the orphans have. I really will marry Violet on the night I perform the play the Marvelous Marriage. She said today that she would like to work backstage but I talked her in to being the wife. If everything goes as planned I will get the money and by a mansion with one big tower on the side. Too bad Sunny and Klaus wonít see it because I will kill them after the wedding.

 Tonight is the big night! I am going to marry Violet. I put new batteries in my walkie-talkie. Sunny is looking at me right now because I have her tied up here right now. Klaus found out my plan but too bad. He canít do anything unless he wants his baby sister to die. Here comes my soon to be bride.         

  Every thing went wrong. Sunny got out and Violet didnít marry me. I will kill her as soon as I get my hands on her parentsí money. Well, I have to think up a plan.