Assignment:  Pretend that you are Dr. Phil or Oprah and interview the Baudelaire children.  Develop questions to ask them and create responses.


Dr. Phil meets up with the Baudelaire children


Dr. Phil: Hello. This is Dr. Phil. The host of the Unfortunates. Today Iím here with the stars of the Series of Unfortunate Events, Violet, Klaus and Sunny! Let me hear it audience! So children, what brings you here?


Violet: Well, we heard that you wanted to do a show, Dr. Phil.


Klaus: We got a call that you wanted us to be the guest stars.


Sunny:  Bibica!


Klaus: Sunny says yes.


Violet:  Anyway, we were honored! So here we are on the show!

(Audience claps)


Dr. Phil: How would you describe Count Olaf, Klaus?


Klaus: Well Iím glad you picked me to answer this question. Boy, can I tell you about the evil, disgusting, despicable Count Olaf! He is some mad man. I barely said two words to the man and the next thing I know, my face blew up like a balloon!


Violet: Now, now, Klaus! Heís exaggerating, Dr. Phil!


Sunny: Roga! Roga!


Dr. Phil: Now, now children. So please, Violet, tell me of your pain.


Violet: Well, Dr. Phil. It all started when we were on the beach and Mr. Po told us the bad news! He said our parents died in a house fire.


Klaus: What a bad beginning for us! And it keeps getting worse!


Sunny: Bubba! Hubba!


Dr. Phil: Okay children. I know this might bring back some bad memories, but letís watch a clip of the play, The Marvelous Marriage. Hit it Sam!

(Movie buzz) (Audience claps)

(After movie)


Dr. Phil: Thatís a rap folks! Next week we meet up with Count Olaf. See you Friday night at 8 pm to have a bad experience! See ya!