Persuasive Writing

Dear Justice Strauss,

I am writing to you on behalf of my play The Marvelous Marriage.  I think your skills and knowledge on being a judge would be perfect for a part in my play.  In addition, your eyes are beautiful, because they are perfect in color.  Your hair is radiant because it shimmers in the daylight like golden hay.  Moreover, your body shows nothing but true elegance.  Even the scent of you as you pass reminds me of wildflowers.

I would like to add your obvious intelligence to the play.  I would also like to have your keen sense of direction on my set designs.  I would consider it an honor to have your talent as an actress aboard the cast.  I know it has always been a life long dream of yours to be a part of the entertainment field.

I request your honor of playing a part in my play.  It may not seem like much, but I promise you will be treated with the respect you have earned.


Count Olaf