Assignment:  Write an entry (or entries) from one of the children.

May 3, 2004

 Journal Entry

When I discovered Count Olaf’s plan to steal the money, he had already hanged Sunny up on the tower.  I am afraid that Count Olaf will do something reckless to Sunny.  Sunny must be very frightened that Count Olaf will drop her from the tower or harm her.  She might think Violet or me would go up there and save her. But after our plan failed, she might think there’s no hope of saving her and the only way to save her is to let Violet marry Count Olaf.  

 But when Violet signed the marriage form, she signed with her left hand; she was right handed.  So, Count Olaf’s plan has failed and we’re happy once again.   

 Now, everything is normal, there’s no fear and there’s nothing to worry about, until another day.