Assignment:  Pretend that you are Dr. Phil or Oprah and interview the Baudelaire children.  Develop questions to ask them and create responses.


Dr.Phil: Welcome to another addition of Dr. Phil. Today we will be interviewing a dastardly devious devil, the maniacal Count Olaf whoís been trying to plunder the  Baudelaire Fortune for countless years.

 Dr.Phil: So, Count Olaf why did you plot to steal the Baudelaire fortune? Does it have something to do with a grudge against their parents?

 Count Olaf: Well, no I donít have a grudge between their parents, I just want to be rich and greedy.

  Dr.Phil: Are you sure?

  Count Olaf: Yes, Iím positive. I only burned their houses, killed their parents and assumed the identity of a legal guardian so that I could legally acquire their fortune and no one could stop me.     

  Dr. Phil: Well, why do you want to be rich and greedy? And why didnít you treat the children with respect like you should of?

  Count Olaf:  First of all, everyone wants to be rich and greedy because you get whatever you want and never have to share with anyone. I did not treat the orphans with respect so I could crush their spirits. They would be depressed and couldnít figure me out. They would give up easier.

  Dr.Phil: Why do you feel the need to be so malevolent in your endeavors?

  Count Olaf: Iím malevolent in my endeavors because it is easier to be mean after years of practice than to been nice for the first time.

 Dr.Phil: Well thatís all the time we have for today next time we will interview the Baudelaire children.

 Count Olaf: Goodbye fools!