Assignment:  Write a Haiku Poem that describes the opening scene on the beach before the children heard the horrible news about their parents.

On a foggy day,

The kids hear terrible news,

Their parents just died.


Assignment:  Write a five senses poem.

A Night at Countís! 

When I walk into Count Olafís home I see a lot of gloomy

shadowy eyes with a fierce look.

 During the cold nights I would hear the howling wind swishing amongst the scrawny trees.

 When I go to sleep at night I feel the dull, coarse mattress that lies beneath me.

 I smell the Puttanesca sauce, and the capers frying in the horrifying kitchen.

  The troupes thought the Puttanesca sauce tasted so delicious, but not Count Olaf!

Trapped With Misery!!

By: Faiza Chowdhury

The eyes I See look back at me.

I can Feel the cold chains around my arms.

The Smell of stale wine bottles disgusts me.

I can Hear Sunny mumbling behind her sticky

Taped mouth.

I can Taste the dusty air from the gloomy


Trapped, imprisoned, what will become of

My life?