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  • Lemony Snicket  If you don't like photographs, online activities, a song about Count Olaf, screensavers, etc. then don't bother visiting this web site.

  • Author Interview  Your teacher is having you do an author study on Lemony Snicket. On this web site you can see an exclusive interview with this man.  Your assignment probably won't include the word scramble that you can print out.  Maybe you can do it for extra credit.

  •  Snicket Gossip  It's not only gossip.  You can find several interactive games in the arcade. There are places you can post your unfortunate stories.  Don't count on winning their online competition.

  • A Brief Biography of Lemony Snicket  They include an interview with Mr. Snicket and give you information on how send him an e-mail.  We can't figure out why you would ever want to do that!

  • Unfortunate Movie They are actually making this into a movie.  How awful is that!

  • Lemony Snicket Word Search  As if you had nothing better to do with your free time!

  • The Unofficial Lemony Snicket Here's a site with frequently asked questions that was created in the back seat of a van.

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