Mrs. Applebaum's Class
First Grade
Norwood Avenue School
Port Jefferson Station, New York


To welcome the spring season we did thematic unit on ladybugs.  While reading The Grouchy LadyBug we continued to reinforce our knowledge of time.  We learned the cycle of a ladybug, read ladybug poems, and created our own with Margaret Wise Brown's model.  Since there are over 4,000 kinds of ladybugs we decided to illustrate some of the varieties on the computer with Kid Pix.  After learning all about these wonderful insects we now know the amount of dots on their backs IS NOT THEIR AGE!

Our Ladybug Song

Lulu's Bug Poem

I like bugs.
Nice bugs
Shiny bugs
Fancy bugs
Any kind of bugs.

A bug in a jug.
A bug in the grass.
A bug on the rug.
A bug in a glass.
I like bugs.

Yellow bugs
Red bugs
Green Bugs
I love bugs.

(The words in red were filled in on on a poetry worksheet)

Poetry Model

Ladybug Puppet

Kid Pix Illustrations


Meeting the Standards

New York State English Language Arts
Standard 1: Language for Information and Understanding
Standard 2: Language for Literary Response and Expression

Mathematics,  Science and Technology
Standard 2: Information Systems
Standard 6:   Interconnectedness: Common Themes