Mrs. Dunn's Second Grade Class
Central Elementary School
Okemos, Michigan


State of Michigan Early Elementary Language Arts Content Standards Benchmarks developed with this project:
Content Standard 2.1: Write with developing fluency for multiple purposes to produce a variety of texts, such as stories, journals, learning logs, directions, and letters.
Content Standard 2.2: Recognize that authors make choices as they write to convey meaning and influence an audience. Examples include word selection, sentence variety, and genre.
Content Standard 3.1: Integrate listening, speaking, viewing, reading, and writing skills for multiple purposes and in varied contexts. Examples include using more than one of the language arts to create a story, write a poem or letter, or to prepare and present a unit project on their community.
Content Standard 3.3: Read and write with developing fluency, speak confidently, listen and interact appropriately, view strategically, and represent creatively. Examples include sharing texts in groups and using an author's/reader's chair.
Content Standard 3.8: Respond to the ideas or feelings generated by texts and listen to the responses of others.
Content Standard 6.3: Explore works of different authors, speakers, and illustrators to determine how they present ideas and feelings to evoke different responses.
Content Standard 8.2: Explore how the characteristics of various narrative genre and story elements can be used to convey  ideas and perspectives. Examples include character, setting, and problem in poetry, drama, and folktales.