Mrs. Ponton's Class
First Grade
Riverdale Elementary
Orlando, Florida

We have been studying the life cycles of many animals and plants. Frogs were one of our favorites. Florida ponds, streams, lakes and ditches are alive with many different tadpoles in the spring. We observed several different tadpoles change into Leopard Frogs, Gray Toads and Green Tree Frogs. We found our tadpoles in ponds by our school.

Our two favorite books about frogs include: WHY FROGS ARE WET-Judy Hawes FROGS-Gail Gibbons FROM TADPOLE TO FROG-Kathleen Zoehfeld

Our team assignments included: Write a "5W Poem" Use our "Claris for Kids" to illustrate the stages of a frog or toads development. Make a frog paper plate puppet.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

5 W Poems (who, what, when, where, why)

Black tadpoles
in the pond
all day
because they want to be frogs.
Gray Toads
hide in the leaves
on the playground
when itís hot
because they want to stay cool.
Green Tree Frogs
stick to the windows
at my house
at night
because they have suction toes.
Leopard Frogs
lay their eggs
on lily pads
at night
so there will be more Leopard Frogs.
Bull Frogs
croak loud
in the pond
at night
because they are male Bull Frogs.
swim fast
in the ditch
by the road
trying to get away from me.

Meeting the Standards

SC.F. The student describes how organisms change as they grow and mature.
SC.F. The student understands that structures of living things are adapted to their function in specific environments.
SC.F. The student compares and describes the structural characteristics of different animals.

LA.B. student uses basic computer skills for writing and uses basic educational software for writing.
LA.B. The student writes observations about familiar topics, stories and new experiences.

LA.A. The student determines ideas or essential message from text.
LA.A. The student read for information to use in performing a task.