Ms. Stinson's Class
Grade 2-3
Cedar Grove Elementary School
Covina, California


Ms. Stinson saved eggs from her moths from the previous year.  She kept them in the refrigerator.  They were gray.  Two weeks after she took them out of the refrigerator, they hatched.  After the weekend of April 5th, we found many little black things.  They were small and black.  We fed them mulberry leaves.  They grew and turned white.  As they grow, they shed their skins.  We now have our own silkworms on our desks.  We feed them one or two leaves a day.  They are going to spin a silk cocoon in a few more weeks.  They come out as a white/grey moth.  They lay eggs and then they die.  That is their life cycle.

Spinning silk

Into cocoons

Likes to eat mulberry leaves

Kind of animal

Walk with sticky feet

Once a tiny egg

Rare animal

Moths end their life cycle

Silk worms are good for a pet

The important thing about silkworms is that they spin silk.

They are soft, little, nice, and gentle.

They are good friends and interesting.

They eat a lot.

They have lots of babies

They live in mulberry trees.

They eat mulberry leaves.

But the important thing about silkworms is that they spin silk. 


Far left:  unhatched eggs  Right: recently hatched silkworm

Three week old silk worm next to a  much younger one