Mrs. Boylan's Class
George Washington Elementary School
Mohegan Lake, NY

As part of our Earth Day studies, we took digital cameras out into our school yard. We looked for examples of the beautiful earth and for examples of our earth being polluted or littered.

We enjoyed taking these pictures!

Afterwards, we wrote poems about the earth and the importance of keeping it beautiful. We each created a slide in a PowerPoint presentation that included our writing and our photo. We used the photo as the background of our slide. We had to adjust the photograph so that our text could be read.

This was a fun project and we learned a lot as well.

View our PowerPoint by clicking on the .

NOTE: If you have an Apple Computer or if you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, you will have to download the presentation to view it, by clicking here.




Susan Silverman & Linda Brandon - Beautiful Spring, Beautiful Earth 2005