Mrs. Hicks' Second Grade Class
Blanchard Elementary School
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Under One Rock

It’s a Bug’s World
We have studies about bugs and insects and learned about we need to respect the habitats they live in. We read the book, Under One Rock, by Anthony D Fredericks. We learned how many bugs make their habitat under a rock-cool! We then wrote our own 5 W’s poems about an insect using Word. Then we learned how to import graphics. Some students used Paint to create the habitat for their insect picture. Here’s some of our poems:

Ladybugs in the Trees



Crawls with its legs

In spring

In trees

Because it likes to eat leaves.


By #16

The Amazing Slug



All day

Under rocks

Because it can't live without





By: #21

The Amazing Butterfly




In the summer

In my yard

To get what it needs.

By Number 8

The Beautiful Flying Creatures



It flies with its wings

In the summer

Outside on a flower

To sip the nectar.


We also used Inspiration to learn about the parts of an insect.  Here’s our template:

Click HERE to download the Inspiration File

We learned a lot more about the insects and bugs in our world which you can see at our web page, It’s a Bug’s World.

Susan Silverman & Linda Brandon - Beautiful Spring, Beautiful Earth 2005