Ms. Malossi's First Grade Class
Boyle Road Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York
Just a Dream

Our class has been studying a unit on Earth Day. We have read several books about the environment, animals, and insects. We have even incorporated a sub-unit on ladybugs and discussed how the ladybugs help our earth!

After reading Just a Dream by Chris VanAllsburg, the children were eager to discuss the ways by which the boy could help the earth and make his dream NOT come true. We made a class chart about the causes and effects of various pollutants. In addition, we discussed ways to prevent various pollutants in our environment.

Using the chart, the students worked in pairs to create a math word problem using an environmental theme. They created it using pencils and paper first. They wrote the word problem, drew a picture to represent the problem, and then solved the problem using an equation. Lastly, the children transferred their creations onto the computer using thes computer program KidPix.

The children loved seeing their math come alive! We hope you enjoy our math problems.

This lesson incorporates New York State Learning Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, Science, and Technology.

Susan Silverman & Linda Brandon - Beautiful Spring, Beautiful Earth 2005