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Bat Information
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Bats like the Great False Vampire Bat, fly in the sky.  They eat insects and lizards and fish and birds and mice.  They live in caves and rock crevices.  Their wingspan is 8 to 10 inches.  They're gray with pink ears and nose.

by Louis T.
I'm a bat that you may not know.  I am little and I eat small insects.  I live in Thailand in caves.  I am brown with a white belly. 
I am a.....bumblebee bat!

by Alvaro F.

Bats are mammals.   Bats are not
even though they fly.  Some bats eat fruit and some eat bugs and some lick blood.

by Carl R.
Bats are kind mammals.  Some bats eat insects.  Some bats eat fruit.  Some lick blood.   Bats just eat, eat, eat, and eat!

by Eric G.
I am a bumblebee bat.  My wingspan is 2 inches.  I live in a limestone cave and I eat small insects.  Bats are the only flying mammals.  I am the smallest bat.

by Erin K.
Some bats eat insects, some eat fruit and some eat fish. Some bats have big wing spans as wide as 80 inches and some have wingspans as short as 5 inches.

Austin Z.

Proud Bumblebee Bat
I am a Bumblebee bat, proud all the time. Eating annoying, small bugs.
Thailand is the place where people like me.

Christopher S.


I am a bat, swooping in the air, eating bugs, and I have to admit it--mosquitoes are the best. Using echolocation I locate my meals every night.

Carl D.


I am a small bat. I live only in Thailand. I am brown with a white belly. I eat small insects. My room is in a limestone cave. I am a bumblebee bat.
Bats are cool. I like bats. They are the smallest mammals in the world.

Eric H.

What kind of bat is Stellaluna?
A fruit bat

Victoria S.

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Bats are nice to us. They help our environment. Some bats eat pesky mosquitoes. Some bats eat fruit and help spread seeds for future trees to grow.

Dennis F.


I am a bumblebee bat. I like to eat small insects. They taste so good. I go to bed in the day and I fly in the night. I have fun flying through the night. (Even though I am called the bumblebee bat, I do not like pollen at all, not a bit--yuc!)

Renee B.


Bats are important because they eat mosquitoes and moths. Bats help pollinate flowers. Fruit bats help the rain forest by dropping the undigested seeds to the ground. The seeds will grow into trees or plants. I like bats and I hope you do too.

John P.



I have a wingspan of 2-3 inches. I have yellow ears and a nose. I cut a leaf to make a tent for shelter.  I am a Honduran white bat.
My wingspan is 10-12 inches. I eat ripe fruit and nectar. I am a fruit bat.

Jasmine J.

I'm a vampire bat. I lick about 5 teaspoons of blood a day. It tastes good.   If I like the blood from one animal I will keep going back. I live in caves and tree hollows. My wingspan is 8 inches.

Billy B.

Bats Are Helpful

Bats are helpful because bats favorite foods are mosquitoes and moths.  Some eat nectar and help to spread pollen from flower to flower.

Ashleigh S.

You are like a bumblebee bat, small as can be, once tasting an insect. You wear brown every day. You stay up at night and sometimes help us by solving problems, just like a bumblebee bat helping to eat the insects that bother us.

Nicole I.

Bats fly. They eat bugs. Some bats eat fruit or fish. The flying fox bat is the biggest bat; you could call it the Gigantic Flying Fox Bat. Bats do not like us when we bother them or kill the bugs they eat.

Arismendy R.

I like false vampire bats. The false vampire bat has the sharpest teeth. They search for animals to catch and eat. They like mice and lizards. They watch for fish to jump up out of the water. Their wingspan is 8-1 0 inches. They hangout in caves and rock crevices. Have you ever seen a false vampire bat?

Trevor R.

You are like a bat. always flying at night. Catching mosquitoes and moths, using pointed ears to hear the echoes. You help the earth a lot.

Nikki B.

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Bat Poems
by Carly S.

Little Brown Bat

I'm a little brown bat, flying in the sky,
Sometimes I fly low and sometimes I fly high.
My wingspan is nine inches wide,
When I'm not flying I keep my wings by my side.
I don't really like the light, it's too bright for me,
But I like the dark because that's when I can see.
My color is usually brown,
I like to hang upside

Bumblebee Bats

We eat mosquitoes and we eat flies,
We do not live in beehives.
We go out on adventures when you're asleep,
We're not a bird that goes "cheep cheep".
We're asleep when you're out playing, having fun,
We're always eating bugs by the ton.
Our color could be black or brown,
We absolutely love hanging upside down.
We are mammals, that is right.
But we don't like the sun, it is much too bright.

A Bat Story
by Mellissa T.

Batley Tries a New Food

Once upon a time there was a little Bumblebee bat who lived in a cage.  His owner was named Kristen.  She named the bat Batley.  She always took Batley to the field to eat.  One day Batley said, "I want to try a new bug."  Kristen said, "I know."  "Do you want to try a fly?"   "O.K." said Batley.  "Let's go then." said Kristen.   "There is one over there."  "Shhh!"  "Grab it!"  Batley caught that fly.  He swallowed it in one gulp!  So? said Kristen.  "Yummy!" said Batley.  And from that day on, Kristen got up early to catch flies with Batley.

The End

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