Mrs. Silverman's Class


Our class enjoyed learning about bats.  We did online scavenger hunts, visited Internet sites, saw a video on Stellaluna, did online word searches, crossword puzzles, wrote stories, poems, and drew pictures in Kid Pix Studio and on paper.  We enjoyed our in school workshop that was given by Melissa at  Sweetbriar Nature Center.   Sweetbriar is a community resource in Long Island Team-The Electronic Educational Village.  Below you are going to read two  bat skits that our students wrote, directed, made scenery and performed in.  You will also be reading some poems about bats.  We hope you enjoy our page.

This is Melissa.  She played a bat game with us that taught us all about echolocation.    We learned about Long Island bats and are collecting money to adopt a bat.

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I Wish Poems

I wish people understood bats
I wish people would adopt bats
People should not disturb bat habitats
Bats are loving and caring creatures
And should live in a world of peace.

by Brittany & Kaitlin

II wish bats could be appreciated
In a world where they could be understood
And in a world where people could stop going in their caves
And in a world where they can find food.

by Andromahi


I wish people would respect bats
They would look up at the stars
and see them
They would try to help these endangered bats
Bats are dying of starvation
People should try to understand bats and love them.

by Deanna

I wish   bats had a better reputation
And people would like bats better
And people would stop telling myths about bats
They should stop going into bat caves
It could wake them up.

by Marc

I wish people understood bats and saved them
I wish people knew how important they are
I wish people knew they were loving creatures
I wish they knew how gentle they were

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Poem and Illustration by Christian

Bat Skits

Alyssa and Andromahi's Bat Show

Hi, I'm Alyssa.

And I'm Andromahi.

And we're here to take you close up inside this cave.


You'll see some little Brown Bats and their fellow bat relatives.

And here are our good friends, Flutter and Henry.

Hi, I'm Flutter!

And I'm Henry

And we're here to show you our home, right Henry?

Right! Come on, here's our family.

On this side of the cave is our dad's side of the family

Yeah!  And this is mom's side of the family.

Come one, let's go outside.

Oh no!  There's an owl!

Let's fly

Phew!  That was close.

We have to go now.

Flutter & Henry

Bats can eat nectar and bugs and other types of meat and blood.

Bats can echolocate their prey.

There's a lot more to learn about bats, but we don't have enough time today.

So if you want to learn more about these interesting animals you can go to the library.

Or check out the Internet!


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Deanna's Bat Skit

Narrator: The other day, my friend Penelope told me about his life.

Penelope: Hi, like my cologne?

Mr.G:  Could you tell us some facts?

Penelope:  Okay

Penelope:  Bats are mammals. We are as clean as cats.

Penelope:  By the way don't we make a cute couple?

Mr.G:  I thought you were going to tell facts.

Penelope:  O.K.  We fly but are not mice. And most important of all, we help the Earth.

Mr. G. (narrator): Thanks for the facts, Penelope.

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