Mrs. Sullivan's Class


The students in Mrs. Sullivan's second grade class have learned a lot of important information about bats; especially the Long Island Brown Bat.  The students now have adopted a new attitude toward bats because of a lot of reading, hands on activities and information given to them by Melissa from the Sweetbriar Nature Center.  Please take the time to do the class true-false activity and questionnaire.  Then continue to read our informational listing, poetry, and stories all about the Long Island Brown Bat.  You will find the answers at the bottom of this page.

True of False
by Stephen, Kyle, and Jared

  1. Bats have very good eyesight.

  2. Owls hunt for Long Island Bats.

  3. All bats use echolocation.

  4. Bats are not mammals.

  5. Long Island Bats eat moths, butterflies, daddy long legs, and mosquitoes

Some Long Island Bat Facts

by Vincent, Richard, Jerrard, Alex, Robert, Bobby, and Samantha

Bats are one of nature's most useful creatures.  Long Island Bats live in attics, buildings, trees, and under bridges.  They are mammals.   They have 10 fingers in their wings.  Long Island Brown Bats can eat as many as 1,200 mosquitoes in one hour.  They have good eyesight but use echolocation to capture their prey.  They do not eat mice or fruit but they do eat moths, butterflies, daddy long legs, and mosquitoes.  Long Island Brown Bats are nocturnal.   Their natural enemies are owls and people.  They are endangered because of all the buildings being built.  We can help them by building bat houses near water.   They are our friends.

Can You Answer?
by Megan, Jaclyn, and Jonathan

  • What do Long Island Brown Bats eat?

  • Why are Long Island Brown Bats afraid of owls?

Fingers Tail
Flying Sleeping
by Abby C.

L.I. Brown Bat
Flying Mammal
Eating a lot of insects
Seen in March again!
by Matthew C.

Helpful Brown
Flying Eating Hanging
Nightfall Catching Moths
by Caitlyn & Katelyn

Brown Little
Flying Hibernating Dying
Eating Mosquitoes and Moths
by Alyssa and Kaitlyn

L.I. Brown Bat
Furry Warm-Blooded
Nursing Feeding Hearing
Eating Lots of Mosquitoes
by Nicole & Ariana

Hair Warm-Blooded
Nursing Feeding Hearing
Needing L.I. Brown Bats
by Nicole & Ariana

Fingers Tail
flying sleeping
by Abby

Betsey Bat in Suffolk County
by Breanne and Lauren

Once upon a time there was a bat named Betsey.  She had a very peaceful life until one day, while she was sleeping, a big truck came over the bridge and knocked her down. 
The rocks fell and covered her so Betsey was stuck.  Suddenly she saw a hole so she slipped out and managed to get away.  She found a tree by the pond.  She roosted there.  She was hungry so she found lots of yummy moths, butterflies, and mosquitoes around the pond.

by Alice

It was night.  Magic awoke.  She went looking for some insects for dinner.  She became sleepy again so Magic took a nap.
When Magic woke up she was very hungry.  Some insects were flying nearby.  They became her food.  Magic could eat 200 mosquitoes in one minute.  She was not hungry for long!
Magic went back home but she saw an owl by the bridge that she lived under.  Magic flew away to her friend's branch.  Magic was safe for the night.

True False Answers

  1. Bats have very good eyesight.  True

  2. Owls hunt for Long Island Bats.    True

  3. All bats use echolocation.              False

  4. Bats are not mammals.                  False

  5. Long Island Bats eat moths, butterflies, daddy long legs, and mosquitoes.                                     True