My Presentations and Workshops


"The numbers are striking ó eight out of 10 schools in the United States have the Internet, but that does not mean teachers currently have the skills and knowledge to integrate emerging technologies into the curriculum," said Roberts, who played an instrumental role in the Clinton Administrationís Educational Technology Initiative. "Thatís why attending reputable and quality conferences is essential for educators today. Teachers get the opportunity to learn classroom solutions directly from their peers and experienced educational leaders from around the country - which helps them teach their students to use the technology when they get back home." Linda Roberts, Former director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education recommends that school districts allocate 30% of their technology budgets for staff development.

Below is a list of workshops and presentations I have and will be giving at conferences and schools. I am available to provide customized staff development at any location.  I can also conduct workshops as webinars.  I am a member of the CAST UDL Faculty Cadre and can give workshops on Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

 Please  contact me for further information.
Susan Silverman, Instructional Technology Integration Consultant

Virgin Islands University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
St. Thomas & St. Croix US Virgin Islands
February 25th & February 26th 2011
Keynote Address: Universal Design for Learning

Fastt Math, Fraction Nation, Scholastic Math Inventory and Go Solve Word Problems Webinars-2008-present

Coffee County
Public Schools
Douglas, Georgia
July 14 & 15, 2009
Workshops for Tom Snyder Productions: Fastt Math and Go Solve Word Problems

Farmington Public Schools
Farmington, Minnesota
July 10, 2009
Workshops for Tom Snyder Productions: Scholastic Keys

Jefferson County Public Schools
Louisville, Kentucky
October 15, 16, 22, 23, 2008
Workshops for Tom Snyder Productions: Scholastic Keys

Barry Community School District
Barry, Illinois
April 5, 2007
Workshop: Using Technology to Enhance Reading

NECC 2007  National Education Computing Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
June 24-27, 2007
Workshop: Enriching Your Learning Community With Flickr
Presentation: Blogging for Understanding of Universal Design for Learning

GaETC2006 Georgia Educational Technology Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
November 15-17, 2006
Featured Speaker Presentations: Blogging, Literature Circles, Universal Design for Learning

Illinois Technology Conference for Educators
St. Charles, Illinois
February 27- March 2, 2007
Spotlight Speaker: Blogging, Universal Design for Learning

San Diego, Calilfornia
July 5, 2006 Poster Session Presentation: Scholastic Keys Across the Curriculum
July 6, 2006 Full Day Workshop: Literature Circles and Technology: Explore the Possibilities


METC Midwest Education Technology Conference
St. Louis, Missouri
January 29, 2006  Full Day Workshop: Literature Circles and Technology: Explore the Possibilities
January 30, 2006 Featured Speaker Presentation: Literature Circles and Technology

November  19-22, 2005,  Albany, New York
Presentations: Fastt Math, Go Solve, and Literature Circles
Workshops: Scholastic Keys and Thinking Reader

PBS Ready To Learn Summer Institute
August 9-10, 2005,  Arlington, Virginia
Presentation: Kidspired Collaborations

NECC 2005
June 28, 2005 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Presentation: Maximize Microsoft Office For Your Elementary Students

NECC 2005  Awarded "Best of the Best" NECC 2005 Workshops
June 29, 2005 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Workshop: Literature Circles  and Computers: Transcending Classroom Boundaries
Kidspiration's March 2005 Newletter on this model

International Reading Association Institute
50th Annual Convention
May 1, 2005 San Antonio, Texas
Institute: Leading Literacy and Technology Instruction for the Next 50 Years
Presentation: Use of the Miss Rumphius WebQuest for Professional Development in Online and Traditional Reading/Language Arts Teacher Education Courses
Co-Presenter: Dr. Denise Johnson

2005 International Reading Association's Annual Convention
May 1-5, 2005 San Antonio, Texas
Presentation: Literature Circles and Technology: Very Fortunate Collaborations
Co-Presenter: Dr. Rachel Karchmer

METC-Midwest Education Technology Conference
Making Educational Technology Count
January 31-February 2, 2005
St. Louis, Missouri
Presentation: Literature Circles and Computers: Transcending the Boundaries of the Classroom
Workshops: Kidspired Collaborations, Enhancing Literature Circles Through Technology

Enhancing Education Through Technology
November 21-November 23 2004, Rochester, New York
Presentation: Enhancing Literature Circles and Technology
Workshops:  Kidspired Curriculum Collaborations, Curriculum Creations in Kid Pix Version 4, How to Use Scholatic Keys with Elementary Students


CAIS Summer Technology Conference
June 28-July 2, 2004, Avon, Connecticut
Hands-On Workshops: Kidspired  Collaborations

NECC 2004
Jammin'Jazzin With Technology
June 20-June 23 2004, New Orleans, Louisiana
Hands-On Workshop: Point! Click! Create! Online DBQs in 8 Minutes or Less|

International Reading Association Institute
49th Annual Convention: Teaching the World to Read
Institute: Using Technology to Improve Literacies: Best Practices and Implications for the World of Readers
May 2, 2004, Reno-Tahoe
Presentation: Developing Comprehension Strategies With Worldwide Telecollaborative Projects

Connected Classroom Conferences
March 11-12, 2004, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Presentations: History and Social Studies Online, Cream-of-the-Crop Reading Web Sites, Developing Web-Based Literature Projects

Leatherstocking Conference and Technology Showcase
October 30, 2003, Utica, New York
Keynote Address: Tricks and Treats: Collaborating for new Literacies

Leatherstocking Conference and Technology Showcase
October 30, 2003, Utica, New York
Keynote Follow-up: Making Magic: Online Collaborative Projects

NYSCATE 2003: Learning Without Boundaries
November 22-25 2003, Albany, New York
Workshop: Paint Shop Pro

Scope 9th Annual Technology Conference
November 7, 2003, Islandia, New York
Session: Yes, There IS a Cure for the DBQ Blues!

NECC2003  Visions and Reflections
June 29-July 2 2003, Seattle, Washington
Hands-On Workshop: Point! Click! Create! Online DBQs in 8 Minutes or Less

NYSCATE Mid-Hudson Regional Conference
March 29, 2003
Presentation: And Who Said DBQs Aren't Any Fun?


Classroom Connect
March 26-27, 2003 Brooklyn, New York
Presentation: Early Elementary Reading and the Web
Presentation: Social Studies and History are Happening Online


NYSCATE 2002 Soaring on the Wings of Change
November 24-26, 2002, Buffalo, New York
Hands-On Workshop: Learn How to Use Kid Pix Version 3

Scope 2002-The Future is Now: Teach and Learn With Technology
November 8, 2002, Islandia, New York
Presentation: Technology Within a Balanced Literacy Program


South Huntington School District
July 2002 Long Island, New York
Workshop: Kidspiration and Inspiration Software


NECC 2002
June 17-19, 2002 San Antonio, Texas
Hands-On Workshop: Search the Internet for Nuggets to Enrich Your Elementary Classroom


International Reading Association Institute
April 28, 2002 San Francisco, California
New Literacies for New Times: IRA's Miss Rumphius Award Winners Share Innovative Models of Literacy Education Using the Internet


Classroom Connect
March 5-6, 2002 New York City
Presentation: Absolutely Amazing! Puzzles, Games, Quizzes and Other Challenges on the Net

Scope 2001 The Road To Digital Age Learning
November 2, 2001 Islandia, Long Island, New York
Presentation: Using the Tools in the Trade

NYSCATE 2001 The Future Is In Your Hands
November 18-20, 2001 Albany, New York
Hands-On Workshop: Paint Shop Pro

South Huntington School District
July 16, 2001 Long Island, New York
Workshop: Internet Projects and Activities Designed to Enrich the K-6 Classroom


USD 435- Abilene Public Schools
August 9-10, 2001 Abliene, Kansas
Workshop: Online Learning Experiences


NECC 2001 National Educational Computing Association
June 25-27, 2001 Chicago, Illinois
Workshops: Paint Shop Pro & Mine the Internet

NYSCATE Regional Conference
April 21, 2001 Manhattan, New York
Paint Shop Pro Workshop

School Tech Expo 2001
March 28-March 31, 2001 Manhattan, New York
Paint Shop Pro Workshop

Scope 2000 Technology And Professional Development: Making The Match For All Teachers
November 3, 2000 Islandia, Long Island, New York
Paint Shop Pro for Beginners

NYSCATE 2000 Technological Literacy for the 21st Century
November 19-21, 2000 Syracuse, New York
Collaborative Projects

NECC 2000 National Educational Computing Association
June 26-28, 2000 Atlanta, Georgia
Workshops-Curriculum Integration and How to Be a Project Coordinator