Respiratory System Internet Workshop


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This Internet Workshop will introduce you to our unit on the respiratory system. You will have the opportunity to explore an important resource on the Internet for our unit. You will learn about the important parts of the respiratory system, how it works, as well as diseases that affect the respiratory system. You will learn to think more critically about what you read on the Internet. Take notes in your notebook and share them at our workshop session.



Parts of the Respiratory System

1.       Please visit “A Body Basics Article: Lungs and Respiratory System” at Read the article and create a diagram of the respiratory system in your notebook using the following terms: nostrils, cilia, pharynx, epiglottis, larynx, trachea, bronchi, lungs, bronchioles, alveoli and diaphragm.


Purpose of the Respiratory System

2.       Take notes in your notebook on the different “jobs” the respiratory system does for you body as described in the Body Basics article at What do you think is the most important job that the respiratory system has? Please be ready to share your opinion at our workshop session – be ready to defend your answer!


Diseases of the Respiratory System

3.       The Body Basics article at describes several diseases that can affect the respiratory system. Please list them in your notes with a brief description. Please note which diseases can be prevented by healthy living.


Critical Thinking

4.       Be a detective! Using the Body Basics article as a starting point, search this site to figure out who created this website. Do you think the people responsible for creating this website are giving you accurate information about the respiratory system? Why or why not?  Write down some of the clues that you find and bring them to our Internet Workshop. How did you find these clues? What strategies did you use?


5.       Visit some of the additional resources listed with the Body Basics article at . You decide where you want to go! Write down notes of what you discovered and share your special discoveries with us at Internet Workshop.