Circulatory System Internet Workshop – Diseases and Healthy Living


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This Internet Workshop will introduce you to the issue of disease and healthy living as a part of our unit on the circulatory system. You will have the opportunity to explore important resources on the Internet for our unit. You will learn to think more critically about what you read on the Internet. Take notes in your notebook and share them at our workshop session.


Circulatory System Diseases

1.       Please visit the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s index of circulatory system diseases at Read about various diseases that can affect the circulatory system. Select five that are hyperlinked (underlined in blue). Read and take notes in your notebook on the name of each disease, its description and possible causes.


You Know What They Say, An Ounce of Prevention…

2.       Many diseases can be prevented. If you didn’t find one already, locate a disease that is preventable (can be stopped by healthy eating, exercise, quitting smoking, etc…) at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s website at In your notebook, take some notes on the following:

·        Name of the disease.

·        Cause(s) of the disease.

·        Ways to prevent the disease.

·        Reasons why you think that people don’t take steps to prevent the disease.

·        If you were a doctor, what would you do to help prevent this disease in your patients.


It’s All in the Search

3.       Complete a search about smoking at this site by typing the word “smoking” into the search box at the top right of the screen at Select a few links of your choice and read about how smoking can affect diseases of the circulatory system. Make a list in your notebook of some of the ways smoking is harmful to the circulatory system.


4.       Please visit the website of Philip Morris USA at In your note book, take notes on the following (you may have to search the website a bit to find all of the information):

·        Ways that Philip Morris works to prevent kids from smoking.

·        Who is Philip Morris?

·        Why do they want to stop kids from smoking?


You Pick

5.       It’s your call! Choose one of the two websites we visited, either  the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s website at or Philip Morris USA at You decide where you want to go and what you want to read about. Take notes of what you discovered and be ready to share your special discoveries with all of us at Internet Workshop!