February 2004

We spent a week at Casa Iguana on Little Corn Island in Nicaragua.  Getting to this island was an adventure.  We began our journey from La Guardia Airport, transferring in Miami for a flight to Managua, Nicaragua.  From Managua we took a small plane to Blue Fields and then on to Big Corn Island. 

From Big Corn Island we took a ponga to Little Corn Island.  We were told that the sea was calm but still had to go over big swells.  It was a very long forty five minutes.  I can't imagine what it would be like to do this crossing on a windy day.  If you don't like wild roller coaster rides, I would not recommend making this trip. 

When we finally reached Little Corn Island, somebody was there to help us with our luggage.  We walked through the woods to get to Casa Iguana.

We enjoyed staying at Casa Iguana.  Our wooden cabin was very comfortable and the food was wonderful.  It was a pleasure sleeping with the window opened while listening to the sounds of the surf and feeling the ocean breeze. 

Coconut Seedling

Sleeping Accommodations


Internet Cafe
I was amazed that
the connection worked.

 For my birthday, David bought me an under water camera to use on our dive trips.  There were many beautiful fish, but the coral was not as spectacular as what I've seen on Little Cayman Island or Cozumel.  I enjoyed swimming and relaxing on the beach, but the abundance of litter was an eye sore.  It was also sad to know that turtles are being killed on a regular basis.


I always had a respect for underwater photographers and now I know how difficult it is to take good pictures.   Here are some of my attempts.  David hasn't had a chance to go through is pictures yet, but when he does I will link to them from this page so check back for some really good pictures.

Underwater Cave

Sting Ray

Nurse Shark

Flamingo Tongue