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Looking for a fun, enriching way to integrate the Internet into your curriculum? Consider joining a collaborative project. Your students will acquire online communication skills and meet children from around the world. You will develop creative and technical expertise, discover new educational resources and have the chance to collaborate with talented colleagues. Your class work will be digitally showcased for parents and administrators to appreciate. And best of all, you only need e-mail and Internet access to participate!

During the 2003-2004 school year I  coordinated The Joke's on..... Middle and high school students created political cartoons with constructed response questions.  My elementary school project, Wright On!  was about the Wright Brothers.  Linda Brandon, from Lakeland Central School District worked with me on this project.  Pattie Knox was my partner on  Kidspired Frosty Readers 2004.  My spring project, Whale Tales is for students in grades K-4.  Linda Brandon and Pattie Knox are hosting this project with me.

Below is a list of projects Comsewogue teachers will participate in during the 2003-2004 school year. You can also check out some projects from last year


My Town is Important 2003-2004

My Town Is Important is an Internet collaborative literacy project.  Classes K-4 are welcome to participate.  The project fits well in a community/neighborhood study and includes whole-class and individual student poetry writing.

Project Coordinator:  Marci McGowan

Simple Snackbook

Participating classes will work together to create an online snackbook of A-Z simple and healthy snacks (each snack MUST contain at least one fruit or veggie!). Each class will take their designated letter of the alphabet and be responsible for:
Providing a recipe (Ingredients & Directions) for making the snack
Making a Literature Connection (for using this idea in the classroom)
 Sending in a picture of the completed snack (must be jpg or gif file)

Project Coordinator: Amanda Madden

CIESE Collaborative Projects

The Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education is hosting ten collaborative science projects for students in grades 1-12.

Heather Rand's Class at JFK Middle School participated in Movie in the Making.

The Eleanor Rigby Project

This is an online collaborative project for middle school students from around the globe. The focus of our project is learning about those who find themselves living on the street. The Eleanor Rigby Project will help students examine not only the people behind the name "homeless", they will examine their own attitudes and biases towards these people.

Project Coordinator: Brenda Dyck

Melissa McMullan's Class at JFK Middle School participated in this project.


Statistics: A Curiosity Factor

We are bombarded with statistics every day of our lives. Understanding this subject will allow us to make informed judgments about the statistics presented by others to persuade us. For this project, you will learn how data is collected by organizations like the Gallop Organization. You will take what you have learned to examine other types of data, translate it into various graphing formats, gather some of your own data and finally, you will use your findings to predict future trends.

Project Coordinator: Brenda Dyck

Lucky Charms

Join PreSchool through Third Grade Students all over the USA as we have fun with Math as we use the contents of "General Mills Lucky Charms" 14 oz size box of cereal! There will be lots of fun math activities as well as St. Patty Ideas to help you make March 17th a fun filled -- EDUCATIONAL -- day!! This is a ONE DAY project only on March 17th!!! Registration Begins On March 1, 2004

Project Coordinator: Jennifer Wagner
First Annual Children´┐Żs Academy Awards

DATES February 2, 2004 - March 31, 2004
PROJECT OBJECTIVES Students will have the opportunity to analyze and manipulate statistical data from students across the world.


SUBJECTS Mathematics, Social Studies, Technology

PROJECT SUMMARY Students who participate in this project will be able to vote in five Oscar categories: best actor, best actress, best animated film, best original movie song, and best picture. Votes for students all across the world will then be collected and tabulated. Winners in each category will be announced. Project participants will be able to view all collected data as well as graphical representations and be able to make their own data calculations.

Project Coordinator: Tammie Mihet

The Great Egg Roll 2004

Project Dates: 03/22/04 to 04/09/04

 Ages: 5 to 19

Project Level: Basic Curriculum Area(s): History and Social Studies, Language, Mathematics, Science, Technology

 Project Summary: Join us in an online project which brings fun to math with measurement and averaging. Students will decorate eggs and then roll for distance. After the the rolling ends, the math begins. Results will be submitted for TWO LONGEST ROLLS and class average.

Project Coordinator: Jennifer Wagner