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September 2000-June 2001

Project Title: Animal Diaries

Project Begin & End Dates: 9/01/00 to 6/30/01

Project Summary:
The purpose of this project is to give students all over the world a safe place on the web to publish stories about animals and their interaction with other living things. We hope that this site will inspire and encourage authorship among students of all ages as well as a love of reading.

Project Email Address:

Registration Acceptance Dates: 9/01/00 to 6/30/01

Age Range: 5 to 19 years

Target Audience: Anyone

Project Title: Butterflies Are Free

Project Begin & End Dates: Materials are due by October 20, 2000

Project Summary: Children will write original poems about butterflies following an assigned format. Every child in the class will have his or her work published. In addition to the poetry each class is invited to submit one student illustration. The illustration may be sent electronically or by snailmail. The class URL or e-mail address will be posted on the page.

Age Range: Second and Third Graders

Comsewogue Classes: Peggy Schneeberg, Boyle Road,  Nicole Taormina, Boyle Road, Jennifer Benson, Clinton Ave.

Project Title: Coyote Kate's Travels

Project Begin & End Dates: 9/01/00 to 4/30/01

Project Summary:  Coyote Kate will visit host classes, complete with lots of South Dakota treasures! She will visit for two weeks, adding lots of adventures to her travel log.

Comsewogue Host Class: Mrs. Reingold's Kindergarten Class, Norwood Elementary School


Project Title: Rice Around the World

Project Begin & End Dates: 1/06/01 to 3/01/01

Project Summary: Rice is a staple food in a large portion of the world. The variety of rice eaten and how it is prepared differs from one culture to another. We would like input from students around the world telling what kind of rice is eaten in their native country and how it is prepared. Pictures and recipes are most welcome and will be posted on our website!

Comsewogue Participant: Gina Scagalione, JFK


Project Title: STARBUST CHALLENGE - 2001

Project Begin & End Dates: 1/18/01 to 4/08/01

Project Summary:

Join us in an online project with Starburst candies!
We believe that RED is the most frequently used color in Starbursts - but don't tell your students that.
Take the challenge with us - and lets all find out together if we are right or not!

Comsewogue Participant: Cheryl Singer and Sue Semple, Terryville


The Great Chocolate Experience V
Students will estimate "fun-size" bags of m&m's to determine packaging patterns with regard to number, color and region. Schools will have the opportunity to participate in optional activities including the submission of stories, poems, recipes, etc.
Each class participating will receive a copy of the recipe book and newspaper/newsletter developed through this project as well as, a certificate of participation. In addition, a Web site will be developed to showcase the schools involved.

Several classes  from Comsewogue will be participants in this project.

Project Title: The Great Egg Roll Project
Begin & End Dates: 3/08/01 to 4/30/01
Project Summary: Join us as we learn math skills in a fun way! Students will be decorating hard boiled eggs and then rolling them for distance! Graphs will be created showing both longest distanced rolled and average of all rolls (both boys and girls). Lots of fun ideas - word searches - Internet hunts - teacher ideas and more!

Comsewogue Participant: Cheryl Singer